GOAL is a New York City based nonprofit after-school program housed in PS 171. At GOAL, we strive to provide our students with programs geared towards meaningful educational and social growth. GOAL programming focuses on enriching the whole child with emphasis on teamwork, character building, community, as well as academics. With this student-centered approach, GOAL students are given the tools to determine the quality of their lives and become active, responsible citizens in the classroom and beyond.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

GOAL Artists

Ms. Sanderson's Art class is currently creating artwork inspired by James Whistler. Here are some shots of the class using a splattering paint technique (fun and a little messy!) to finish off their work. Do you think they achieved their goal of creating a feeling of fireworks in a night sky?

If you run into Nahiyaan at GOAL, you should take a look at his amazing sketchbook. It's full of awesome drawings.

GOAL students continue to remind us of how important art is in our community. Great job!


  1. I know Im nice right?-Nahiyaan

  2. Great pictures of Ms. Sanderson's art group! Very cool!